Photos courtesy of Brittany Runnels Photography (top row) and Missy Fant Photography (bottom row)

My "professional" portrait photography journey started about 20 years ago, though my love of boudoir photography took some time to discover.

In 2014 my son was born. I was feeling less than wonderful about the way that my body looked. I set a weight loss goal for myself, and started to really work on it. I was about halfway to my goal, when I decided to book my second boudoir session (I’d had one done several years before, but was pre-baby body…). When I got my images back, I couldn’t believe it. I looked AMAZING. It was a huge confidence and self esteem boost. I printed out several of the images and hung them up in my bedroom on my “body positivity” wall.

A year later I answered a “model call” for a fellow photographer and had my photos taken for a third time. And again, I felt better about the way I looked than I EVER had before!

It was then that I realized the power of this art form, and how much I wanted the opportunity to help other women see themselves as “beautiful” and give them back some of the confidence and love for their bodies that they may have lost along the way.

When I made the decision to move forward with boudoir photography, my first step was to create a studio space in my home. Two years later, this space has grown to two rooms and and many props, backdrop options, and even a wardrobe closet! I've had so much fun taking classes in posing, editing, and lighting. I've compiled a list of hair and make up artists who are excited to work with us. I'm ready to take that next step… helping you to feel Simply Sexy!




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