Capturing Emotion... Tears Included

My job is to document a moment. To capture emotion. The specific emotion is irrelevant. They are all important and all worthy of memories. Most of my images show love and joy, but every now and then other emotions sneak in.

I was thrilled when one of my images was selected to be featured by Clickin’ Moms in their blog about capturing the beauty of “All the Feels”.

The morning started as an in-home, lifestyle “Mommy and Me” session. This beautiful Mom had forwarded my newsletter ad to her husband weeks prior and told him that she wanted a photo session for her Mother’s Day gift. He booked me that night. =)

We started out wandering around the house… the living room, kitchen, kids room, play room, looking out the windows to the backyard… everything is a possible backdrop when it comes to documenting life with your kids! The little man showed us his Paw Patrol bed, and we spent some time hanging out in the nursery in the chair where this Mom spent many hours feeding her children.

After the kiddos had had enough, this Mom asked if I could take some photos of her with her first “child”, her fur-baby, Gus.

Gus had been with her through some hard times, including her husband’s deployment to the middle east. He was there for her when SHE needed a cuddle and some loves. But Gus was now old and had gotten quite sick. His time with his family was limited and she wanted a few last photos of the two of them together.

She sent the kids to go hang out with their dad, and she hugged Gus… and cried. Her son snuck back into the living room and saw her… and came to her to make sure that she was ok.

Gus is no longer with us, but something tells me that this Mom is in good hands.