Let's Not Let Our Memories Get Dusty!


This last February I attended the Click Away conference in Dana Point, California. It was my first time at the Clickin’ Moms hosted event and I had an amazing time. I learned so much, met some incredible, influential people, and had my eyes opened to so many new ideas and possibilities for my business.

In one session, the conversation was about business philosophy and package structures. The presenter asked the group WHY we do what we do. One woman raised her hand and said, that she knew exactly why she does business the way that she does… she wants to give families beautiful artwork to hang on their walls so there aren’t “whole generation of kids whose childhood is on a dusty USB in a drawer.”


Mic drop.

This resonated with me so clearly.

Even with my own family photos, I have them on my computer hard drive and backed up on the cloud… but have very few albums of family photos and it’s a challenge to find the time and focus to update the frames in my living room.

When I was a kid, I loved pulling out my baby book and old family photo albums. I would look at photos of my mom and dad as kids and young adults. I would marvel over myself as a baby and laugh at the memories that I had of my brothers and I on family vacations and at holiday celebrations. I was this for my children, too.

I want my children to have access to our family photos whenever they want to look at them… not hidden away in a drawer, or in a folder on a locked laptop or password protected website.

I want this for YOUR children… and your grandchildren.

This one woman’s comment during this one session at this once conference made all the difference to me. I’m excited to start offering more to my clients in the way of wall art, albums, and other keepsake items to make the printing and displaying of your family memories THAT much easier! … and will printing some of my own family memories ASAP! Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to be making a lot of changes in the way I do business… and one of those things is to start offering print and product credits with all of my photo packages. I’ll keep you all in the loop with those changes! In the mean time, you CAN order prints and products from me directly (and save yourself the time, energy, and memory required to do it yourself!). It’s an easy a la carte add-on!