Alexis ~ Maternity Boudoir, Vancouver, WA

Women’s bodies are amazing. And beautiful. And powerful. And did I say “amazing”?

I pretty much squealed with joy a dozen times as I was photographing and working on the edits for this hybrid maternity/boudoir session!

A little backstory on this beautiful woman. I’ve done her boudoir photos once before, and she’s one of my brand ambassadors this year. She ALSO hired me to do her birth photography (any day now!). When I had the idea to add on a boudoir-esque maternity session, she jumped at the chance!

A couple of weeks before her session… I get a message letting me know that she’s still “in” for the shoot, but that there had been a bit of a hiccup… that she broke her foot and is moving around on crutches… while seven months pregnant!

This caused a little bit of a logistical concern for me. Since my boudoir studio is on the second story of my Vancouver, WA home, and I didn’t want her to have to climb up and down stairs in her condition, I had to get creative. SO, I turned my formal living room into a “studio” for the day, and, I have to say, I’m pretty much in love with these images. Especially those where I got to utilize my big bay window! And I’m pretty sure none of the neighbors got TOO much of a show. ;)

My passion for portrait photography centers around working with “real” women. Documenting their beautiful stories, and powerful moments. I specialize in boudoir, births, and weddings! If you’re interested in learning more or booking a session with me, please reach out!

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