40th Birthday Cake Smash!.... say what??


Every now and then I get a request for a photo session that is a little out of the box… this one was definitely new for me! Three months ago a repeat client, Missy, reached out and asked if I’d help her celebrate her 40th birthday with a cake smash!

We exchanged e-mails, Pinterest boards, and inspirational adult birthday photos for weeks… and I was excited to finally get her in for the session!


With the help of her husband’s artistic abilities, and the bakery at her local grocery store, we had our traditional cake smash set up… but the bottle of blue liquor gave it that special “adult” feel. ;)

Usually I do “studio” sessions in my studio space… however, cake smashes are a different, messier story. LOL So, I quickly converted my dining room in a studio for easy sink access and and floor clean up! Plus, I LOVE the wood flooring in our dining room… so there’s that, too. ;)

Missy brought her daughter along, as well as some glitter and confetti… which I immediately tasked her daughter with throwing all over her! It was nice to have an “assistant” to hold reflectors, props, and have around to make her mom laugh!

Personally, I don’t have a milestone birthday coming up for a few years yet… but considering how fun it could be to take a big bite straight out of a chocolate cake!