Hey Small Business Owners! Your clients want to meet you!


I absolutely love helping small business owners with their brand and marketing photography! These businesses are their babies— to have someone trust me with that… well… it’s an honor. Plus, I get to learn all kind of fun stuff and have some pretty awesome experiences, too!

I had the honor, recently, to work with Shea at Vollstedt Furniture and Design on some new product photos and shots of him working in his wood shop for his website. He makes some beautiful pieces (and made some special photo keepsake items for me, as well!). I got to see the time and detail that goes into making a dovetail joint, and hear all about his passion for the craft… though, really, he didn’t have to say a word… it was obvious by his pieces on display.

I’ve worked with bloggers, chiropractors, yoga instructors, therapists… who’s going to be next?? Send me a message and let’s chat!!