So Much to Learn! ~ Experimenting with Boudoir Photography

Over the last year or so , I’ve taken several classes on studio lighting, feminine posing, boudoir photography composition techniques, etc., etc., etc… there has been some AMAZING material that has been really helpful and inspiring, but, the “problem” is, in order to learn new techniques and use them WELL, you have to be able to practice! Thankfully, I never seem to have trouble finding women to allow me use them for practice… which is why I love doing boudoir model calls so much! It gives women an opportunity to experience boudoir photography, get a few complimentary photos, and allows me to play around, try new things, and not worry (too much) about the final product.

These two lovely ladies were a couple of moms who responded to my last model call. I had just finished a course that went over posing, props, and lighting techniques, and I wanted to experiment!

In this first set, with B, I wanted to really play up the natural, window light that I have in my studio in the mornings. We played with the curtains a bit, the blinds, and some silhouettes.

Next up, studio lights and my ""curtain wall” !

Once I finally got some inspiration with this set up, I’ve REALLY loved playing with it during sessions! the sheer, white curtains can be used to add “sweet” or “salty” to sessions! lol Unfortunately, none of those “salty” sessions allowed me to share images… so… you’ll just have to imagine!

After B, I had the pleasure of photographing H. On her pre-session questionnaire, she noted that she enjoyed camping, which gave me an idea to play up some unusual lighting via camp lanterns… it definitely lended itself to a different “look” than I usually photograph, and gave me the challenge of trying to eliminate all of the natural, morning light that was streaming in!

The lanterns were cool… but I still think that my favorite is still natural light…

Though, studio lighting is definitely starting to grow on me, too! So many ways to play around with the light… and dark! Much thanks to these two ladies for being my guinea pigs! ;)

There may be some changes coming to my studio space in the next couple of months… which means more experimentation for me! If you’re interested in keeping up on any upcoming model calls, join my private Facebook group. Model calls and announced there first! (And are only announced elsewhere if I don’t get volunteers from my group).