Bringing Boudoir Back!

So, about a year ago I decided to really focus on my boudoir photography and let it become one of my “specialties”. I created a private FB group to bring women together to chat about body positivity and share my work. I created a new website and IG. I thought that it was best, for my brand, NOT to include boudoir work with my family photography business, so I pulled everything into a separate realm.

Well, a year later, I have changed my mind! I have discovered that there are three areas of photography that I REALLY love and REALLY want to focus on… and they are connected, and they definitely “go” together, and my client for one category should see and know that I do the others… so, I’m bringing boudoir back to the forefront to join my birth and wedding work on my new (still in progress) website and business model!

Boudoir is AMAZING. I love it so much. I’ve had my own photos done three times and I leave feeling so empowered, confident, and sexy. It really is amazing. Here’s a message that I just got last week from one of my former clients:

I’ve praised your name to several friends. Hopefully some of them will get past their insecurities like I did and see how beautiful their bodies are, stretch marks, flaws, scars and all. Each one tells a story of how you’ve lived and shows the amazing things your body has done through that journey. ❤
— Jennifer

I started photographing boudoir because I wanted to help women feel this way. Especially mothers and other women who may have struggled with body confidence… and I’m so glad that it’s working!

I have several boudoir sessions that I can’t wait to share with you (I have my client’s permission, of course!), but I’m going to start with this one!

This beautiful woman was training for her first ever MARATHON! She’s a total bad ass and was spending many of her off-work hours training, which was taking away from time with her husband. Plus, the marathon was actually happening on his birthday and she knew that she’d be in no mood/physical state to celebrate post-race, so she decided to do something a little “special” for him as a birthday gift and a “thank you” for supporting her on her training journey. So she booked a session with me, and we got to work creating a fantastic photo book for her to give him!

If you’re ready to feel beautiful, powerful, and confident and are interested in scheduling a boudoir photography session with me in the Portland or Vancouver, WA areas, please reach out! I’d love to chat and see if I’m a good fit for your vision!