My Answers to the "Ten Questions To Ask a Birth Photographer"

I saw this article awhile ago and thought that it was a great resource for families who were interested in hiring a birth photographer! Definitely some great things to ask and consider when you’re making your selection. Just like with wedding photography and other important events, you want to make sure that your photographer’s style, personality, and experience are a good fit for you and your family!


So, I’ve decided to preemptively answer these questions for you, and tell you a little about my background as a birth photographer and photographer in general! If you’re interested in talking more about your birth photography needs in the Vancouver/Camas, WA areas, please reach out! I’d love to meet you and talk about your birth plans!

  • How many births have you documented?

    • At this stage in the game, I am still pretty new. I’ve photographed two hospital births, and have another scheduled for early this summer (which I’m SUPER excited about!). That being said, I’ve photographed weddings and other events for the last years and feel VERY comfortable with this style of photography!

  • What happens if you are sick or already with a birth client when I go into labor?

    • I will have a back up photographer contracted for each birth that I schedule! If I’m unable to make it to your birth and my backup has to photograph the entire labor and delivery, they will hand the photos off to me and I will still process the images and deliver them to you. If my back up is only needed for a few hours (if I’m with another birth or at a wedding), I will get to your hospital room AS SOON as I possibly can, and trade out with my back up so that I am there for as much of your labor and delivery as I possibly can be!

  • What happens if I have an unplanned cesarean?

    • Some hospitals allow photographers in the surgery room, other’s do not. It’s up to you to check in with your doctor and get the details for me… but, if I’m allowed to be in there with you, I will be there, camera ready, to capture those first moments!

  • Do you offer birth videography as well as birth photography?

    • At this time I do not offer videography. But, if this is something that is important to you, I know several other birth photographers in the area that do and I’d love to connect you! Like I said before, I want to make sure that you have the best photographer for you… whether or not that person is me. =)

  • Can you show me what a full birth gallery looks like?

  • Are you comfortable documenting births in dark spaces?

    • Yes, I am. That being said, here are a few things to remember. Photography requires light. Without some kind of light, images can’t exist. I do my absolute best to document your labor with available light and without the use of a flash (I don’t want to be too intrusive on this special time), but that may mean that your images may have a little extra grain in them. That being said, as soon as it’s time to start pushing, my flash goes on my camera! I want to make sure that your baby’s first moments are crisp and clear… and I’ve found that my flash is the least of your worries during this particular time in the process. ;) The gallery that I shared in the question above I chose specifically for it’s lighting. This mama labored for over 24 hours, so I got to photograph her in EVERY time (and lighting!) of the day… including the middle of the night when even the room lights were shut off!

  • Are you running a legitimate business?

    • I am indeed! I’m licensed and insured, and happy to show you the documents to prove it. =)

  • Are there any hidden costs that I should know about? Will I have to pay more after my baby’s birth?

    • Nope! Your session fee includes time and digital images. If you want an album or wall art through me, than those are additional, but are completely optional to you!

  • Are you going to put my photos on the internet? Are you going to take, ahem, that photo?

    • Your photos will only go up online if you sign a model release and allow me to use them. Otherwise, nope, they will stay between you and I. =) As for “that photo”, we’ll discuss it during our initial consultations and whatever you want in terms of that particular shot, will be what I do!

  • What is your childcare situation?

    • I have two kiddos of my own. They are both in school in some way during the school year, and are pretty active in camps during the summer break. I have many friends, family members, and baby sitters who are "on-call” for me when I’m on-call for a birth. Additionally, I’m lucky that my husband’s job is very family-focused and flexible if he needs to be home with the kids. Plus, he’s home in the middle of the night, so when I get that 2 am call, I can leave ASAP to get to you!