Professional Head shots in the Age of Social Media


Professional Head shots are not just for models and actors anymore. In the age of social media, everyone who has a business should have some professional head shots taken for their profiles, social media content, web marketing, website, and so much more! YOU are the face of your business… so you need to make sure that you spend the time, energy, and money to show off your business at it’s best so customers want to come to you!

Remember last week when I talked about my studio and the open house that I had for my boudoir clients? Well, to add a little fun to the evening, we had a Pure Romance rep come in, lead some games, and show off some of the companies products. After the event, our rep, Rose Bliss, contacted me to get her head shots updated.

She came back to my studio, and I was able to provide her with several different head shot options with a couple of different outfits and backdrops. (See, studios are helpful in the dreary winter months!)

As a small business owner myself, I totally get how difficult it can be to stay on top of EVERYTHING you need/should/could do to promote your business and get in front of your clients… so let me help with this one piece so that you don’t have to stress about it anymore! A professional head shot session is quick, painless, and the cheapest service that I offer. ;) Reach out if you’d like to schedule something!