Welcome To My Vancouver, WA Studio!


A couple of years back, when I was just starting to ramp up my business, I had the thought of turning a spare room in our Vancouver, WA home into a studio space. Weather in the PNW is pretty unpredictable 9 months out of the year, which makes being a fully outdoor, natural-light photographer a little bit challenging… a studio would open up so many opportunities for me (and my clients!) throughout the year. I talked to my husband, and we decided to go for it!

We painted walls, hung up curtains, bought some gear, and voila! Studio! Since that time, as I’ve used the space, I’ve added, adjusted, and eliminated some things. I’ve obtained a variety of props, backdrops, and lighting… I even expanded to TWO rooms instead of one! I’m very fortunate to have this space, and have really enjoyed putting it into use!

A few weeks back I had an “open house” for my boudoir clients (past and, hopefully, future!). I do mostly boudoir work in the studio and absolutely LOVE it that genre… but I think that’s a post for another day. =) Anyway… I had nine ladies attend the open house. We snacked, sipped on wine, and took some photos! Boudoir photography is inherently intimate, seductive, and empowering… but does NOT (have to) equal: naked! I tried to provide these ladies with a taste of what a boudoir session in my studio could entail.